Music from Episode 12 of Smash – “Publicity”

Still buzzing about the phenomenal music from Smash‘s most recent episode — entitled ‘Publicity’?  Katharine performed two fantastic numbers, including an epic Bollywood number with co-star Raza Jaffrey and company…. Read More

Episode 11 of SMASH: ‘The Movie Star’

WATCH: In ‘The Movie Star’, episode #11 of SMASH, Rebecca Duvall makes her movie star entrance and turns “Bombshell” and its cast and crew upside-down as her diva antics come into… Read More

Episode 10 of SMASH – ‘The Understudy’

WATCH: Episode #10 of SMASH, called ‘The Understudy’, encompasses Karen’s promotion from ensemble member to understudy for the lead role of Marilyn Monroe in “Bombshell” after the show’s new Marilyn, movie star Rebecca… Read More

Episode 9 of “SMASH” – ‘Hell On Earth’

WATCH: Catch up on the ninth episode of SMASH, entitled “Hell On Earth” below!  Karen (Kat) highlights from the episode include a hilarious orange juice commercial gig and an impromptu Times… Read More