Interview: Katharine & company talk season one of ‘SMASH’

Click here to check out a fantastic interview from The Daily Beast regarding the first season of ‘SMASH’. Involved in this write-up is Katharine as well as behind-the-scenes forces such as NBC president Robert Greenblatt, writer and executive producer Teresa Rebeck, and more!  A lot of interesting topics are covered so it’s definitely a good read!

“[Karen Cartwright, Kat’s character] definitely didn’t come out of nowhere, and I can relate with that,” said McPhee in an interview. “I have gone through a lot of agents in the last five years because of various reasons: just build my résumé, just get me a fricking job. I understand that we have these challenges. Some people are not a big enough star or too big of a star or they don’t want somebody coming from a reality show … Even if I didn’t have Idol, I’d have some other thing that someone would want to pigeonhole me into.”

Read the entire article @ The Daily Beast!

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