Katharine McPhee has released a statement on the leaked photos that hit the web this week. You can read it in full below.

I was hacked sometime in the last few years, and along with other celebrities a few days ago, my private photos were blasted all over some sick and despicable websites. The photos that are mine I am not ashamed of. I love my body and they were taken for a man I was deeply in love with, or for no one but myself. But what is also truly disgusting is that these sites include photos that DO NOT belong to me, and are not of my body, and they do this on the regular to make the more tame photos carry some weight.

The constant exploitation of women with no recourse for these websites is absolutely abhorrent. These sites, which TMZ (thank you so much) brings more light and attention to by calling them out by name (shame on you), should be SHUT DOWN. Period. The end. Even if you aren’t the one hacking, if you have taken stolen photos and put them on your site, you are an accessory and should be shut down and laws need to be changed.

I am not perfect. I never have been and never will be. I try everyday to learn to be better and to always live and lead with kindness and love. But no one deserves this kind of intrusion. I have other friends on these sites, images and videos that were stolen and they cannot get taken down. This is not just a celebrity issue. This is a privacy and sex crime issue that affects private citizens as well. I hope other female victims and men for that matter will help and join me in ending this absurdity. Game on.