Katharine McPhee has been making her rounds to radio stations across the east coast to promote her new single “Lick My Lips” from her forthcoming studio album ‘Hysteria,’ which is due out in September.


Take a listen to some of the interviews from Kat’s promotional tour thus far to learn more about her new music, what it’s like shooting her hit series Scorpion, and much more.

OutQ (Sirius XM)

Kat sat down at the SiriusXM studios in New York City for an in-depth interview with OutQ’s Larry Flick and provided some great insight on her outlook on the music business. She also revealed how proud she is of her new album. This one is a must-listen for all fans!

Ralphie Tonight

Kat chatted with Ralphie Aversa about her new album ‘Hysteria,’ her love for New York City, and buying her first home. She even sang a bit of a new song called “Stranger Than Fiction” that she co-wrote with Ryan Tedder. Check out the interview!

 Kiss 108 (Boston)

Kat began the week with a trip to New England and stopped by Boston’s Kiss 108 for an interview with Matty in the Morning.

K 104.7 (New York)

Check out a video of Kat in the K 104.7 studio in New York recording her interview with the Woodman In the Morning show.

Hits 1 (SiriusXM)

Kat chatted with SiriusXM’s The Morning Mash-Up to give the scoop on the Smash reunion concert, why shooting Scorpion exhausts her, her thoughts on Fifty Shades of Grey, her love for going to the movies, and more. Take a listen!