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Video: Katharine McPhee releases acoustic performance of “Break”


Katharine McPhee has unveiled a stripped down version of “Break,” an emotional track that she wrote for her new album, Hysteria. Check out the exclusive acoustic performance video embedded above!

Katharine previously shared acoustic performances of “Lick My Lips” and “Only One”.

If you’re loving what you’re hearing, be sure to grab a copy of the new album, Hysteria. Physicals copies are available now at Best Buy, Target, f.y.e., or It is also available digitally on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and streaming on Spotify.

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  1. Krystian Jędrzejewicz Avatar
    Krystian Jędrzejewicz

    love this!

  2. Barry Avatar

    Fantastic you are amazing

  3. PrinceLeo Avatar

    Astonishingly beautiful.