Katharine McPhee made her Broadway debut in Waitress at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre last night. She will carry the lead role, Jenna, through June 17th. The show features music and lyrics by Sara Bareilles, who also just finished leading the show last month.


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“What a night. Kind of a blur,” Katharine reflected on her Instagram, “But thank you to this amazing cast who has just made this process that much easier. My heart is so full.”

Check out her first curtain call to roaring applause below:

Katharine’s first performance was an absolute Smash!

BroadwayBox.com gushed:

Katharine McPhee picked a pretty perfect vehicle to make her Broadway debut. She lands all the comedy; she delivers on those heartbreaking moments; she finds a strength in this character that makes her journey feel all the more rewarding; and she sings the most incredible live version of “She Used to Be Mine” that I have ever heard—no hyperbole. It was stunning and the prolonged applause stopped her first performance.

Show attendees were abuzz with praise on social media.



Check out photos from Katharine’s opening night below.