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Katharine McPhee shows off her engagement ring from David Foster


As you may have heard, Katharine McPhee’s dad passed away last week. Katharine took to Instagram tonight to show off the engagement ring she got from David Foster, and said it was one of the last things she showed her dad before he died.

“It’s been a hard week. Lots of tears but I want to thank my friends and family for all the love and support,” Katharine said. “My dad was so happy for me. My ring was the last thing I showed my dad before he passed and makes me smile when I look at his as a reminder of our last conversation. And now I’m ready to share with all of you what has been my sunshine amongst this painful loss. My love wisely said to me the other day that ‘death is the only thing that is 100 percent inevitable and the thing we are least prepared for’. So today we’re celebrating life and not forgetting love.”

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  1. Jonathan Taylor Avatar
    Jonathan Taylor

    This guy she’s engaged to is TWICE her age! Old enough to be her DADDY!!!!!