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David Foster and Katharine McPhee’s March tour dates canceled due to medical procedure


David Foster shared some unfortunate news about his Hitman Tour featuring Katharine McPhee this morning.

Due to an unexpected medical procedure, David has been forced to cancel all of his shows in March. Katharine was scheduled to appear at six of the March dates. In a statement, David said that he will do his best to reschedule the canceled tour dates. He is doing well and is “on the road to recovery”.

The Hitman Tour will resume on April 17 in Waterbury, CT. Katharine is scheduled to return on April 18 in Westbury, NY. For more, check out our Hitman Tour page.

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  1. Lane Wright Avatar
    Lane Wright

    I watched some of their cutsie video’s the two of them are sickening. Because of who he is nobody dares to point out the massive age difference. I saw a clip once when he was married to Yolanda he was sitting around with friends playing the piano someone started singing and Yolanda sushed them and said we don’t talk when David is playing or sing. What an ego! but hey good for his current wife someday she will get all his millions becoming a power player in that town of Hollywood.