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Katharine McPhee releases demo track from ‘Hysteria’ titled “Heart Goes Dumb”


Katharine McPhee just surprised fans and released a brand new song titled “Heart Goes Dumb”.

It’s a previously unreleased demo track from Katharine’s 2015 album Hysteria. The song was produced by Steve Mac and co-written by Ina Wroldsen and Katharine McPhee while she was in the UK back in 2013. Take a listen in the audio player above!

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2 responses
  1. Jeremy de Asis Avatar
    Jeremy de Asis

    There was an article published here that has list of tracks where some of the tracks in it got included in the Hysteria Album. Can someone give me a link of that article? I could not find it. It got posted here prior of the release of Hysteria. If I’m not mistaken, there’s this song that was on that list that Kat never release and I believe the title was somewhat like “You’re always here with me”. I’m not sure if this was it or if this was on the documentary video of Kat’s Unbroken Album. Ugh! I wish Kat would release all of her songs that she haven’t released yet before we get old! This makes me sad. hehe

    1. Jeremy de Asis Avatar
      Jeremy de Asis

      And I hope she could include that song called Beautiful Stranger too if she ever decide to release an album! Who doesn’t want to hear new songs from Kat??? May it be ballad, love songs, RnB and Pop! I hope she could focus on getting new songs released in the coming days, month or year!