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Katharine McPhee reveals ‘Hysteria’ track list and credits


Katharine McPhee’s new studio album Hysteria will hit stores on September 18, but fans can check out the track list, along with production and writing credits, right now.

Hysteria is Katharine’s first LP release since 2010, but in a recent interview with AllAccess, she explains, “People say it’s my fourth studio record, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s kind of like my first real record that I feel really proud of the whole body of work.” She continues, “I got an opportunity to make a proper record that has some real artistry to it.”

In creating an album that is true to Katharine as an artist, she had her hand in co-writing 10 out of 12 tracks, including collaborations with hit makers such as Ryan Tedder (on “Stranger Than Fiction”), Sia (on “Round Your Little Finger”), Jon Bellion (on “Damage Control”), and Isabella Summers of Florence and the Machine (on title track “Hysteria” and more).

Hysteria is available for pre-order on Amazon. “Lick My Lips,” the album’s flirty first single, is available now on iTunesAmazon, Google Play, and streaming on Spotify.

Check out the full track listing below:

1. “Hysteria” (3:23)
Produced by: Isabella ‘IsaMachine’ Summers
Written by: Isabella Summers, Katharine McPhee, and Kelly Sheehan
Mixed by: Tony Maserati

2. “Feather” (2:52)
Produced by: Luke Atlas
Written by: Lindsey Lee Taylor, Tim Fagan, and Luke Atlas
Mixed by: Tony Maserati

3. “Burn” (4:08)
Produced by: Isabella ‘IsaMachine’ Summers
Written by: Katharine McPhee, Isabella Summers, and Kelly Sheehan
Mixed by: Tony Maserati

4. “Stranger Than Fiction” (3:31)
Produced by: Smith Carlson
Written by: Ryan Tedder, Smith Carlson, Katharine McPhee, and Ali Tamposi
Mixed by: Manny Marroquin, assisted by Chris Galland and Ike Schultz

5. “Lick My Lips” (2:34)
Produced by: Isabella ‘IsaMachine’ Summers
Additional Production by: Sam Sparro and Jon Castelli
Vocal Production by: Kuk Hurrell
Written by: Marcus Miller, Luther Vandross, Isabella Summers, and Sam Sparro
Mixed by: Tony Maserati

6. “Break” (3:26)
Produced by: Jon Castelli and Aaron Joseph
Written by: Katharine McPhee, Stephen Wrabel, and Drew Pearson
Mixed by: Tony Maserati and Jon Castelli

7. “Appetite” (3:11)
Produced by: Jon Castelli and Aaron Joseph
Written by: Katharine McPhee, Lindsay Lee Taylor, Aaron Joseph, Sophia Black, and Jon Castelli
Mixed by: Jon Castelli

8. “Love Strikes” (3:36)
Produced by: Rob Wells
Written by: Rob Wells, Matthew Marston, Ginny Blackmore, and Katharine McPhee
Mixed by: Tony Maserati

9. “Round Your Little Finger” (3:38)
Produced by: Chris Braide
Written by: Katharine McPhee, Sia Furler, and Chris Braide
Mixed by: Chris Braide

10. “Only One” (4:02)
Produced by: Jon Castelli and Aaron Joseph
Written by: Katharine McPhee, Kelly Sheehan, and Chris Loco
Mixed by: Tony Maserati and Jon Castelli

11. “Damage Control” (3:01)
Produced by: Slaptop
Written by: Katharine McPhee, Jon Bellion, Andrew McMahon, and Jon Levine
Mixed by: Slaptop

12. “Don’t Need Love” (3:18)
Produced by: Isabella ‘IsaMachine’ Summers
Written by: Katharine McPhee, Isabella Summers, and Kelly Sheehan
Mixed by: Tony Maserati

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  1. Dustin Bowyer Avatar
    Dustin Bowyer

    Im Too happy about this album! I have waited for what feels like forever for this album! It almost doesn’t feel real!

  2. Jasmine Avatar

    I don’t need loooooooooooove!

  3. Silas Delgado Avatar
    Silas Delgado

    That album picture, though! It can`t get any better…