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Katharine McPhee helped out at Casas YMCA with “This is about humanity”


On October 3, Katharine McPhee joined her friend Elsa Collins on a trip to the border with This is about humanity, a community dedicated to raising awareness about separated and reunified families, and vulnerable communicates on both sides of the border.

Katharine spent the day volunteering at Casas YMCA, a shelter for unaccompanied minors: Children under the age of 17, who came alone, or with their siblings, seeking to reconnect with family in the United States. Katharine, Elsa and the team that arrived for the day started painting the shelter rooms, organizing their donations and helping them with an art project. 

Katharine stated on her Instagram stories: “I’ve been wanting to make a trip to the border for a long time with the amazing @thisisabouthumanity – to learn, discover, ask questions, serve & mostly see the humanity we all share. Here’s some of the pics from the day.”

To end her little report about this day, she captioned: “I was honored to do what little I could today, to just show up, use my hands for whatever. For these sweet souls who deserve just as much as anyone else.”

Katharine’s Instagram Stories about the day:

More about “This is about humanity”:

This is about humanity is a community dedicated to raising awareness about separated and reunified families and children at the border.

We educate others on being allies and advocates, and through our proximate trips to the border and our This is About Humanity fiscal sponsorship fund at the International Community Foundation we help support those individuals with essentials for living, access to legal services, mental wellness checkups, and other shelter projects. We also provide for a range of projects including educational bus trips to the border, donations to legal services, construction projects at shelters, as well as material goods for unaccompanied minors.

This is about humanity was founded in 2018.

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