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Katharine McPhee performs during ‘Safe at Home Gala’ in Los Angeles


The Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation hosted its annual Los Angeles Gala on Thursday, February 9, 2023 at The Maybourne Beverly Hills Hotel.

Katharine McPhee attended the gala with husband David Foster and performed during the night.

They performed several songs, together with Fernando Varela. Here’s a small snippet of “Singing in the rain”:

About the Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation:

The Foundation is celebrating more than 20 years helping young people impacted by domestic violence and 12 years working in Los Angeles. Co-founders Ali and Joe Torre joined friends and special guests and raised funds to support the Foundation’s Los Angeles-based programming, which provide healing, hope, and empowerment to young people impacted by violence, abuse, and trauma.

Now in its 21st year, Safe At Home serves children impacted by violence and abuse in their homes, schools, and communities. Since its founding, Safe At Home has reached more than 140,000 youth in its mission to save lives and educate to end the cycle of violence and abuse. Safe At Home helps young people cope with their experiences and get on the path to healing, hope, and empowerment. Safe At Home’s signature program is a school-based safe room called Margaret’s Place – named in honor of Joe’s mother. Margaret’s Place is staffed by a full-time, master’s-level therapist who provides individual and group counseling sessions and violence prevention education, leads schoolwide anti-violence campaigns to empower students to become advocates against violence, holds workshops for school staff and administration to build a safer school environment, and provides workshops for parents to make homes and communities stronger. 

Margaret’s Place is available at the following schools: Venice Senior High School, George Washington Preparatory High School, Santa Monica High School, Centennial High School, Duarte High School, Bassett High School, John Glenn High School, Southeast Academy High School, and John Adams Middle School across six different unified school districts. 

The schools in Los Angeles are in addition to the nine active Margaret’s Place programs in two states: New York and Ohio, as well as two international locations in Tahiti. Together, Margaret’s Place reaches nearly 20,000 students each year. Safe At Home is committed to helping youth develop the leadership skills needed to become changemakers in their communities by advocating against violence and abuse.  

For additional information and donations, visit

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