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Katharine McPhee’s very own “KMF Jewelry” line in the works


Katharine McPhee is chasing her dreams: Creating her own jewelry line!

UPDATE: KMF Jewelry is available now!

She teased her fans for the first time on February 17, mentioning in her Insta Stories she had her first big meeting weeks ago for creating her own jewelry line, mentioning it is her coolest life long passion!

Instagram Story Katharine McPhee Foster @katharinefoster

On March 17 she gave a second update showing her own drawings during a plane ride to Miami for a private gig, joking about her own drawings.

Instagram Story Katharine McPhee Foster @katharinefoster

April 21 she shared her latest update while being in Las Vegas with husband David Foster’s Hitman tour.

More will be announced soon!

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KMF Jewelry

Katharine’s new KMF Jewelry line is available now!