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Katharine McPhee discusses Malaria No More in ‘Pizza With An Icon’ episode


Fans of Katharine McPhee already know that she is much more than just an actress and singer. With a heart of gold, she is also a devout philanthropist. Throughout her career, Katharine has dedicated herself to lending a hand in tackling some of the world’s greatest issues, including hunger and widespread illness.

A few years ago, Katharine teamed up with Malaria No More. She became an ambassador for the nonprofit organization, which is dedicated to eradicating the preventable malaria disease. Their Power of One campaign has a simple yet impactful motto, “One dollar given. One child saved.”

In March 2012, Kat traveled to two countries in Africa, Ghana and Burkina Faso, to help out firsthand. She provided mosquito nets and medicine to children, simple remedies that are saving lives.

Last summer, Kat took part in a program called Pizza With An Icon. Created by Academy Award winning composer Hans Zimmer, this episodic program shows a group of curious and inspired teens enjoying pizza and conversation with an icon who is making an impact in the world. Check out Kat’s episode of Pizza With An Icon, embedded above, to learn more about her efforts with Malaria No More.

Since then, Katharine has also teamed up with buildOn to build schools in Burkina Faso, located in West Africa and documented as being the third poorest country in the world. This partnership has allowed over 130 children to have the opportunity to go to school for the first time.

Check out and to learn more about both of these amazing organizations and how you can help too. You’ll quickly see why Kat is so passionate about her support for these groups.

Over the years, Katharine has also developed partnerships with Lollipop TheaterSt. Jude, and Feeding America. She has been active in events honoring wounded veterans of war with the Gary Sinise Foundation as well.

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