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Video: Katharine McPhee explains how ‘Scorpion’ appeals to all demographics in hilarious new interview


Check out this hilarious new video from Entertainment Weekly of Katharine McPhee pitching her new show Scorpion to a bunch of hypothetical audiences.

For a new EW feature called “The Pitch,” we asked McPhee to try her darnedest to explain Scorpion’s appeal for a variety of hypothetical audiences, ranging from Wisconsin moms to venture capitalists in Silicon Valley—although McPhee is confused as to what venture capitalists actually do. Aren’t we all, Katharine…aren’t we all.

Whether or not you fit into one of the groups mentioned, and let’s be real — you probably don’t, make sure you watch the world premiere of Scorpion on Monday at 9/8c on CBS. We’ve got the best selling point right here: Katharine McPhee is in it!

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