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The Kat & Dave Show in Canada: Backstage with Bella!


This article was written by our very special guest: Isabella (Bella) Thomson

Hey everyone, I am Bella and I recently was a special guest at the Kat & Dave Show in Edmonton. My first thought when my mom told me we get the chance to see them again was, I wonder what they will sing? It was so magical seeing them at the David Foster Foundation fundraising gala back in May. It was beautiful and so pretty, just like Kat’s voice.

Bella at the David Foster Foundation Gala on May 7th in Toronto | Instagram Stories David Foster Foundation
Bella danced almost all night long in her beautiful black dress | Photo courtesy of Bella & Kyla Thomson

So I am from Swift Current, Saskatchewan but actually, the 7 hour drive to Edmonton, Alberta didn’t bother me that much. My favourite part about driving to Edmonton was talking and laughing with my mom and her friend Amy. It was such a fun girls trip. We also had a chance to shop for new outfits before we left and I found the perfect little black dress for the event. I also made sure to pack my most fancy accessories to wear as well. Mom said it would be like a concert so I wanted to be ready to dance.

Bella received a very special welcome! | Photo courtesy of Bella and Kyla Thomson

When we got to the park, everything already looked so fancy and I was most excited for Kat to sing. I actually even got a front row seat and the event organizers from Trixstar Live made me feel so welcomed, like a very special guest. They even created a special welcome message for me on their giant stage screen! And they brought me a popsicle super fast.

When David started the show on the piano, I was invited to watch from backstage and that was so cool, we were so close to all the musicians! Actually, before the show started I bumped into David Foster on my way to the washroom and we got to chat face to face for a little bit. I told him I had brought Kat and him a special card that I would make sure to give to him later.

The moment David started the show with his musicians, Bella and Kyla got invited backstage to see the start of the show | Photos courtesy of Bella & Kyla Thomson

When Kat started to sing it felt so nice, I just loved it so much. Her voice was so pretty and I loved listening to it. Kat invited me up on stage and that was so amazing!

Photo courtesy of Rob Hislop Photography

She asked me a few questions and I talked into the mic. It was really funny when David asked me who my favourite was, her or Dave and I said, “Like what?” I didn’t know what to say and that came out. It was really funny but I think Kat is my favourite. Sorry Dave.

In the middle of the show when I was on my way to the washroom again, I ran into Kat backstage this time! I was so excited to give her the picture I coloured and some of my BellaBrave stickers. I hope that she puts one of the stickers up on her wall in her music studio. She was so happy to chat with me and we took a picture together backstage. I can’t wait to post that photo in my room.

Photo courtesy of Bella & Kyla Thomson

My favourite part of the show? Well, I just can’t pick. It was everything. I loved being treated so special, dancing to all the music, meeting the wonderful singers and visiting with Kat and Dave.

But if I had to pick one favourite part of the whole show it would be when I got to go up on stage and talk with Kat and Dave:

I was so sad when I had to leave, I really hope I get to do this again.

– Thank you so much Bella for sharing your adventures with us!
Also, a little message from Bella for Kat & David…

Bella visited the Kat & Dave show on July 16 in Edmonton, Canada. Enjoy a few more pictures from the show, taken by photographer Rob Hislop Photography.

The Kat & Dave Show is back and is touring in 2022-2023 through the US & Canada. Keep an eye on the tour list to make sure you don’t miss a show nearby!

Who is Bella?

What is the David Foster Foundation?

The David Foster Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to providing financial support for non-medical expenses to Canadian families with children in need of life-saving organ transplants.

The David Foster Foundation is dedicated to providing financial support to Canadian families with children in need of life-saving organ transplants. In addition to helping families with their non-medical expenses, the Foundation strives to increase public awareness and education about the importance of becoming a registered organ donor in Canada and the United States.

The David Foster Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization that for the past 35 years has assisted over 1,300 families with children in need of major organ transplants and provided much-needed dollars in direct family support. In 2006, the Foundation became a national organization, expanding to help families across Canada. The Foundation works in collaboration with transplant teams across Canada to provide support for children up to and including their 18th birthday year once they are listed for pediatric transplant to post-operative checkup.

Before Kat and David hit the road to their first two shows in Canada on July 15 in Calgary and July 16 in Edmonton, they did a few interviews:

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