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Videos: Katharine McPhee and Don Was perform at Vibrato Jazz Grill on August 2nd


After a handful of successful shows last year, Katharine McPhee and Jazz musician, Don Was, returned to Vibrato Jazz Grill for another sold-out performance on August 2.

Katharine is currently putting the finishing touches on a new jazz album, produced by Don. At this concert, the pair performed songs that are covered on the record. It was also announced that the album is entitled I Fall In Love Too Easily and will be released very soon.

Check out videos from the show below!

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2 responses
  1. Cool Fun Avatar
    Cool Fun

    She’s a star! And i really got jealous when she announced on Instagram that she would sing tunes from her new record! Also, I have to say that an album with Jazz is her best success! Wonderful!

    1. bomber225 Avatar

      I expect this album to be great! It seems she picked songs she could relate to for her covers. She’s talked about falling in love too easily so that is an appropriate album title.