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Video: Katharine McPhee chats about her relationship and recording career on Yahoo


Katharine McPhee and David Foster sat down to talk with Yahoo Entertainment about their relationship and making music together.

Yahoo Entertainment quotes in their interview:

McPhee admits that — much like her husband, one of music’s biggest hitmakers — she is a perfectionist. “People send me songs and I’m like, ‘Nope, that’s not going to be good enough!’ I don’t want to do a good song; I want to do a great song. And sometimes those are really hard to come by. So anyway, my point is, I never really felt like I had a place in the recording industry. … Maybe I’ll be a late bloomer and put out an album when I’m 40 or something, and have a massive hit like Natalie Cole did [with the Foster-produced Unforgettable… with Love] when she was later in life. Maybe David will be that secret recipe. We certainly had a great time making this Christmas album together.

Watch the interview above.

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