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Video: Katharine McPhee joins Katherine Schwarzenegger’s BDA Baby Instagram live series


Katharine was a guest at Katherine Schwarzenegger’s series BDA Baby Instagram live series where she talked about self love.

Katherine Schwarzenegger captioned on her Instagram:

Katharine has been incredibly open about her history with disordered eating, and during her pregnancy was worried that she was slipping back into old patterns. I can’t tell you how many people have written in and asked for us to cover the subject of self love while you are growing a baby, especially those who have recovered from disordered eating. There is anxiety and stress around our bodies growing and getting bigger as we create a home for a baby, and I loved that Katharine shared her feelings that she had toward this and what helped her in her journey.

For many of us who are pregnant or have been pregnant, the fourth trimester or life postpartum can feel daunting, but Katharine shared to her surprise, that her postpartum journey was filled with so much gratitude, not only for what her body was able to do, but for how she looked. A huge and monumental step and transition for Katharine. I hope this conversation can help allow us to shift the way we think, recognize that we don’t know what everyone is going through, and even if you disagree with someone, maybe there isn’t a need to say anything at all. Mothers are miraculous and amazing creatures, and they all deserve a little grace. Thank you Katharine for joining me! #BDABaby

You can watch the episode on Katherine Schwarzenegger’s Instagram:

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