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First Look at ‘Scorpion’ (Official Trailer)


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4 responses
  1. Nick Avatar

    Katharine McPhee in an action series? SIGN ME UP!!!

  2. John Huddy Avatar
    John Huddy

    This is huge. I’ve been an EP at three of the four networks, entertainment and news. The trailer is extremely well done, suggesting Katharine is working with some high-caliber producers. Another breakout for the Katwoman is about to happen.

  3. Midwest IT guy Avatar
    Midwest IT guy

    I’m hooked! Looks like a heck of a show and I’ve been hooked on Kat since Smash. Only downside is not sure how they work her great singing voice into the mix.

    1. Danak Avatar

      They don’t work it in. It’s a straight acting role