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Giveaway: Enter for a chance to win a copy of ‘Christmas Songs’ signed by Katharine McPhee!


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4 responses
  1. Kathy Pine Avatar
    Kathy Pine

    Shocking to everyone else I know, I had never heard My Grownup Christmas List before. My new favorite.

  2. Author David C Dillon Avatar
    Author David C Dillon

    I listen to your music often. What a neat idea, a contest and chance to win your new album! Love it…. Love your voice…

  3. Jeremy Ecleo de Asis Avatar
    Jeremy Ecleo de Asis

    Any info about Katharine McPhee having a song for Disney’s Luminous: The Symphony of Us? I believe there are two original tracks that will be released. Shelea and Katharine McPhee shared their voices on this. Shelea’s song was used weeks ago as teaser for this. I was kinda hoping you’ll have an article on this. I’ve been visiting this page but I’m not seeing any.

    1. Sara Avatar

      It’s been on our agenda, keep an eye out, we’ll be publishing in a few!